the couple that works out together stays together <3

the gym was fun once again today 🙂 felt the burn on my arms more this time, i focused more on them, they need toning up like SERIOUSLY. here’s a photo of me and the wife (melissa) after our session (after makeup had been applied) 😉

we went shopping after the gym and for some lunch – we went to yo! sushi. i was SO tempted to get the crispy salmon skin, but i kept my vegan head on and had miso soup, cucumber maki and the sushi salad thingy? can never remember the name. and thanks to us both being students we got 25% off which was a bonus 😀

hope you all have a good weekend! for me, my nan and granddad are coming down to visit tomorrow, and i’m going to meet them, but beforehand i’m going for breakfast and a stroll  around my beautiful city [London]. see you all soon 🙂

xoxo alex



rip me

today at the gym was amazing! me and melissa worked up quite a sweat and i pushed myself harder than last week 😀 i also met the stepper for the first time, and we weren’t friends. my legs kill! gonna be sore tomorrow, planning to go back to the gym in the week, perhaps wednesday & friday, but for now it’s time for a healthy vegan lunch – I REALLY NEED TO STOP SPENDING ALL MY MONEY ON PRET BUT IT’S TOO DELICIOUS NOT TO!

lunch: vegan avocado and cucumber wrap, kale crisps & a melon bowl. the smoothie was gorgeous, it was a GymJunkie from JuiceFuel, but I swapped the dairy froyo for dairy-free, fat-free sorbet 🙂

now it’s time for game of thrones! (no spoilers, i promise!)

xoxo alex










morning to you all

back to the gym this morning! 🙂

my body is aching already; think my body knows what it’s going to be put through haha.

after me [and melissa??] are going summer ball shopping – we both have our dresses, mine was a bargain at £18 from Boohoo, but i need shoes and accessories 🙂

a good workout this morning, then shopping – i may have to treat myself and get a soy latte from Prêt – and summer job hunting [i finished my first year of uni last week and need a job for a few months]

hope y’all have a good day – eat well, exercise, be happy & enjoy the weather 😀

xoxox alex

feeling pumped

so the gym today was actually really fun! me and melissa are now members of TheGym which is 24hours and £17.99/month, including free classes every day.

considering i haven’t been to a gym in almost a year i was really nervous about going back, but we got there and i felt at ease right away. it was fairly busy, but nobody bothered us or gave me dirty looks [i’ve had that previous experience at a gym back home and it knocked my confidence for a while] and melissa was as supportive as i knew she would be.

we warmed up on the treadmills for 20 minutes, (in which time we both dropped our phones on the floor but thankfully they were both fine!!) and then we did the exercise bikes [which made my legs want to cut themselves off and go home], then rested, then did some strength training – ab machine, rowing machine, leg press, hip thingy… and then we finished off with a 15 minute cool down on the treadmills again.

afterwards we both felt well worked out but energetic and i can’t wait to go back – think we’re going again on sunday.

we went for lunch afterwards [had a banana and a salad and i was bad and had a skinny cappuccino but i needed a coffee!!] and it was a lovely day 🙂

xoxo alex





but first, let me take a selfie!

jeez i haven’t posted a workout selfie on social media in ages.. mainly due to the fact i haven’t worked out in months…*hides*

day 2 of my 30 day ab, arm & bum challenge, been clean eating for a week and a bit, feeling better already 🙂 and the scales are telling me i’m losing weight which is fabulous 😀 i still want to lose a good 2 stone and a bit, but little by little… rome wasn’t built in a day [i guess]…. going the gym for the first time in months on tuesday with melissa, (who’s a size 8 and gorgeous and fitter than me hELP…)

xoxo alex