much needed update…

oh my GOD i cannot believe i haven’t posted on here for so long. sorry to any of you who missed me {lbR who is that ????} i have just been so… not busy as in work/uni, but busy just… being busy. apologies.

since being back home every single meal has been vegan. i have been a vegan for about 2 months now and i am loving it so much! my family have been so supportive and my mum has been a star… she’s even been trying my vegan meals.. last night we have lentil bolognese, absolutely no meat and she loved it… more than me i think!

i’ve joined loads of Vegan Facebook groups and everybody i have met have been incredibly welcoming, friendly and supportive.

yesterday in Nantwich was a real treat… went to Blooms Cafe with my mum and my nan and they had a vegan sandwich option (it was hummus, toasted pine nuts, sliced red pepper and carrots with a side salad of rocket, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar… it was delicious!)


hope everyone is doing well and are enjoying the summer…. i’m more of a vampire, i hate the summer and the sun and prefer to spend my summer [and every other day of the year to be honest] indoors, but enjoy it whichever you prefer ❤

xoxo alex


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