so today i had a look in Superdrug at their own brand makeup (called the “B. range”. my aunt, who is a vegetarian herself and has been for… basically forever, recommended their range to me, as they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are cruelty free…. they have the leaping bunny logo on all of their products for assurance 😀

my local store isn’t very big, and didn’t have a lot of stock in.. after speaking to one of the staff, they told me the range was going through rebranding, but I managed to find a few things from their leftovers….

there is a 3for2 offer on at the moment too, so the following items cost me £20.03p! that is a bargain — before i went vegan i used MAC, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury… and their foundations alone cost more than the SUperdrug items combined. my old MAC foundation was easily over £20 alone!

my finds were the following…

  • B. Even Coverage foundation in ‘Linen’ shade, £9.99
  • B. All Mascara – it adds length, volume, definition AND IS WATERPROOF!!, £9.99
  • B. Lipstick in ‘Doll’s House’ shade, £5.99 [as a huge fan of PLL I couldn’t resist!!]


the photo below is of me [apologies!], but i am wearing the lipstick… as well as looking like trash and rocking my floral pj’s 😛tumblr_o9wqde1y2v1qcn1apo2_540i haven’t tried the foundation or mascara – i shall post tomorrow with a review, but for now the lipstick is incredible! it’s soft and creamy, is light and the colour is absolutely stunning… i usually go for darker shades of lipstick, my now-old trusty was Spice it Up from MAC, but I gave all of my MAC makeup to my mum [worked out it was over £150’s worth!!] so I am yet to find a dupe for it, but for now this change of brand, change of shade has been excellent.

have a lovely evening all,
alex xoxo


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