didn’t post yesterday sorry, been really busy with end of term shows at university

haven’t eaten the best yesterday or today – yesterday started good, i had porridge for breakfast with green tea, then a salad for tea but my sweet tooth emerged and i had a few chocolate biscuits… didn’t exercise either purely because i was so tired from the day, and today i had green tea and porridge for breakfast but it wasn’t very nice today so i didn’t eat more than 10 spoonfuls, and then i had an asian styled stir fry for tea [egg noodles, peppers and quorn] with a vegetable spring roll.

tomorrow will be better, and i recently found out there’s a Whole Foods store about 20 minutes from where I’m going to be living in July, which is excellent! I’ve been obsessively reading every article on their website over the past day or so [last night I was looking and recipes at 3am!] and am planning to do a big bulk shop when I move in to last me over the summer 🙂

hope you are all well and enjoy the sunshine, the weather near me has been beautiful today!! [couldn’t resist a cheeky pint of cider or two…]

xoxo alex


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