feeling pumped

so the gym today was actually really fun! me and melissa are now members of TheGym which is 24hours and £17.99/month, including free classes every day.

considering i haven’t been to a gym in almost a year i was really nervous about going back, but we got there and i felt at ease right away. it was fairly busy, but nobody bothered us or gave me dirty looks [i’ve had that previous experience at a gym back home and it knocked my confidence for a while] and melissa was as supportive as i knew she would be.

we warmed up on the treadmills for 20 minutes, (in which time we both dropped our phones on the floor but thankfully they were both fine!!) and then we did the exercise bikes [which made my legs want to cut themselves off and go home], then rested, then did some strength training – ab machine, rowing machine, leg press, hip thingy… and then we finished off with a 15 minute cool down on the treadmills again.

afterwards we both felt well worked out but energetic and i can’t wait to go back – think we’re going again on sunday.

we went for lunch afterwards [had a banana and a salad and i was bad and had a skinny cappuccino but i needed a coffee!!] and it was a lovely day 🙂

xoxo alex






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